Speech Therapy Clinic

The Speak Boutique offers virtual therapy for children 4 years and older struggling with speech sound disorders such as Childhood Apraxia of Speech, and Articulation Disorders.
These are children who may:

  • have difficulty producing a specific sound (e.g. R or S)

  • substitute one sound with another (e.g. T for K  - as in "tootie" for "cookie")

  • sound unclear or "slushy" in their speech

  • struggle to make their speech understood - particularly with unfamiliar listeners. 

Check out the Therapy Tips and Ideas Page for a wealth of ideas to help support children's speech and language skills. 

Assessment and Treatment 

Referrals and Fees:

A doctor’s referral is not necessary for services at The Speak Boutique. Service fees for individual and group therapy, as well as parent training are often covered by private health insurance companies. Payment is accepted by electronic transfer following each session. An official receipt will be issued, and this receipt can be submitted to your health plan coverage. Note, some private health insurance plans require a doctor’s referral.  Please contact your provider directly to inquire about their requirements.