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Mila Melo

S-LP, Audiologist, LSLS Cert Auditiva-Verbal Therapist

Toronto, Canada

The book "Party Animals!" written by Tali Kellerstein and illustrated by Elise Conlin is a fun and smart book to share with the kids of all ages. All poems are fabulous and my favorite ones are City Seagull and Shower Sheep! Lots of high pitch speech sounds. They are literally music to my ears! This is definitely a highly recommended book.


Rosie C


Thornhill, ON

Love this book! The poems are so fun and well-written, and the illustrations are beautiful! Such a great resource for both SLPs and parents working on speech sounds. I love the tips/info on how the sounds are made as well! :) Thanks so much Tali for such a wonderful book!


Shelley Levin


Toronto, Ontario

Party Animals is a fun, easy to read book that I would definitely recommend to parents and educators working in early childhood. I love the beautiful cover page and fun characters. The instructions are so clear and simple ! Such a great book !!


Rozanne Israel

Speech-Language Pathologist

Love Love Love this book! It is a great resource for parents on so many levels: Fun and appealing developmental norms, explanations of the physiology of speech in a really easy to understand way, and opportunities for sound practice too! As a SLP, this book is going to be a great contribution to my therapy materials library. I will be able to use the poems with my clients and pair them with other related activities and games. Instant therapy session prep for multiple clients all in one book. Brilliant!


Amanda Frumkin


Party Animals is a gift to SLPs and parents working on speech sounds with young children! The poems, charts, and illustrations are perfect to support articulation practice!
Every time I use this book in therapy, I smile from ear to ear! I adore everything about this book! Thank you!



SLP and mom

As an SLP and a parent, I absolutely love this book! Tali has done an amazing job creating an engaging resource that can be used in therapy for clients with different speech, language and literacy goals. This book is also perfect for parents looking for a fun way to support early literacy development. My 4 year old is enjoying each page and wants to go through the sounds in order (the SLP in me cannot wait to get to the R and TH pages!)


Nina Jobanputra Shukla


As a mother of a toddler, S-LP and lover of children's books I cannot say enough wonderful things about Party Animals! I love how Tali has carefully thought out the speech sound targets in such a unique and creative way. The illustrations align perfectly with the poems and lend themselves to not only targeted speech practice, but also to vocabulary development, early phonological awareness skills and lots of fun discussions with little ones. My son, Jiyaan has officially become the "Jaguar" - "Java Jiyaan, Junk Food Jiyaan, Jeep Jiyaan!" and he's made me the "Moose" - "Motor Mama, Mittens Mama, Movie Mama!". The possibilities are endless!

I highly recommend this book to parents, educators and of course S-LPs! Tali puts her heart and soul into everything she does - her book is no exception!


Irini A.


Tali Kellerstein's Party Animals book is a treasure! As an SLP working with children with speech sound disorders, this book is now firmly in my toolbox when working with my clients. The poems are so good at capturing the attention of my clients and form such an excellent inventory of target words and phrases. For my clients who can already read, the poems are an additional method to practice both their sound targets and literacy skills simultaneously. Vocabulary can also be targeted and Tali has also beautifully highlighted additional words to look out for with specific target sounds. I also cannot neglect to mention the illustrations which are so lively and captivating, bringing the poems to life.

I would highly recommend this book to other clinicians, but also to any clinician or educator working in early childhood. Parents of young children should also add this book to their shelves, as it will really engage their young readers and foster some great sound exploration! The kids will also fall in love with the characters!


Noreen Horowitz

Early Childhood Educator...retired

Hi, my grandchildren love the book. S, who is three, reads it to herself and her brother listens and learns. S liked a page and she wanted to tear it out and wear it. It was the illustration of a dress that she liked. Noreen Horowitz ❤